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2.17 Principal Amount – refers to the face value of the amount transferred to Maya Wallet or the cost of goods and/or services purchased directly from a Merchant using Maya Easy Credit. 2.11 Maya Wallet – refers to your e-Wallet in the consumer app of Maya Philippines, Inc., which will be the destination account when you transfer the Principal Amount drawn from your Maya Easy Credit. 2.5 Credit Limit – refers to the maximum amount you may borrow from Maya Bank, the proceeds of which you may use to purchase goods and/or services or transfer to Maya Wallet using Maya Easy Credit.

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9.1 You are free to close your Account with Maya Bank, subject to the submission of necessary documents and the surrender of items or documents evidencing ownership. A reasonable nominal charge will be imposed if the Account is closed within thirty (30) days from its opening. 2.4 Dormant Account refers an account that has had no deposit or withdrawal for a period of 2 years. 2.2 Affiliates refers to any person or entity controlled by or under common control with another person. 13.8 These Terms shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of the Philippines.


  • 2.8 Personal Goal/s refers to a goal-based deposit account where customers can keep their money for up to one hundred eighty (180) days while earning interest based on their average daily balance.
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  • 2.10 Maya Easy Credit – refers to the line of credit offered by Maya Bank, which a customer can use to transfer funds to Maya Wallet or purchase goods and/or services directly from a Merchant, payable on the Due Date every month.
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  • You shall be notified in advance or at the soonest possible time of maintenance activities and the like.

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Time, temporarily or permanently, without giving any reason and/or prior notice to you. You hereby irrevocably agree, affirm, and warrant to hold Maya Bank free from any liability, both under equity and the law, arising or that may arise out of any such denial of access to or the discontinuance of its services. 6.5You agree not to probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of the Maya App or any network connected to it, and not to breach the security or authentication measures on the same. 13.10 You understand that the Merchant is solely and exclusively liable for any obligations arising from and in connection with the provision of the goods and/or services subject of the MCCL transaction.

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  • You further warrant that in case of any change in the circumstances which affect the information you have provided to Maya Bank, you shall inform Maya Bank of such changes within fifteen (15) days from the occurrence of the said change.
  • You understand that certain Maya App functions may not be available or may be disabled by Maya Bank if you do not perform the needed update or meet the compatibility / minimum system requirements.
  • Maya Bank makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, for such service updates and/or messages, but you hereby agree to receive such service updates and/or messages and hold Maya Bank free from any liability and/or claims for indemnification or damages that may arise there from.

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Your eligibility for Maya Credit and your resulting credit limit are based on how frequently you use Maya’s services. The more consistently and actively you’ve used our services prior to applying, the higher your potential credit limit. This means that players may enjoy the excitement of their black seo links: Telegram — @seokaya favorite casino games while on the go without sacrificing the gaming experience. Interest rates may be changed, provided that such change shall only take effect after public notice. 17.1 At Maya Bank, we consider our customer’s financial questions, needs and feedback as very important.

5.9 If we have executed the transaction in accordance with the instructions you have provided to us, and that the instructions prove to have been incorrect, we are not liable for the incorrect execution of the transaction. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, no adjustment will be made for any currency fluctuations which may have occurred between the time you pay us the transaction amount and the time of credit. Maya Bank’s online platforms are available 24/7 subject to the cut-off time of its partners applicable to certain transactions. You shall be notified in advance or at the soonest possible time of maintenance activities and the like. 2.7 Maya Savings refers to a deposit product offered by Maya Bank, Inc. in the Maya app where customers are able to make deposits and withdrawals at any time and without penalty through the available channels.

  • PAGCOR is an independent regulatory body responsible for ensuring that casinos comply with the practices and regulations applicable to online casinos.
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  • 2.6 Maya App refers to the mobile application that serves as the interface between the account holder and Maya Bank Account, whose terms of use shall be in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and User’s Guide found in the said Maya App.
  • You understand that such actions are authorized, approved, and ratified by you and you hold Maya Bank free from any liability arising therefrom.
  • Any additional fees charged by the Merchant in connection with the MCCL transaction are charged or imposed by the Merchant in its sole discretion and do not represent any fees charged or imposed by Maya Bank to you.

3.10 You understand that your approved Credit Limit, Service Fee, and interest rate, if any, will depend on your credit standing and is subject to Maya Bank’s credit underwriting policy. 3.2 You authorize Maya Bank to make, directly or through third parties, any inquiries necessary to verify your identity and to assess your capability to make payments in accordance with Maya Easy Credit policies. You further agree and authorize Maya Bank to share such information with any company or business entity that is our Affiliate, subsidiary, holding company, or a subsidiary of our holding companies or Affiliates or any other third party as may be relevant or necessary to carry out the above assessment by Maya Bank. 2.16 Payment – refers to the regular payments done by you to Maya Bank to pay off partly or wholly the Total Amount Due on or before the Due Date. 2.14 Nominated Maya Account – refers to either your e-Wallet in the consumer app of Maya Philippines, Inc. (“Maya Wallet”) or your Maya Savings account, which may be selected as the source of fund for auto-deduction of the Total Amount Due. 2.8 Effective Date – refers to the date when your application for Maya Easy Credit was approved by Maya Bank and the date when you accepted these Terms, as stated in the Disclosure Statement.


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